GEB-Environnement is specialized in council and expertise in environment and sustainable development engineering and provides a broad range of technical assistance services.

Strategic and technical analysis

GEB-Environnement, with strongly technical expertise, helps his clients in their projects on environmental management and sustainable development:

  • Institutional support and technical assistance;
  • Environmental juridical studies;
  • Environmental management Plan (cities, institutions, etc);
  • Preparation of grant proposal;
  • Preparation, development, monitoring and evaluation of environmental projects;
  • Support for implementation and management of environmental programs;
  • Edition of reviews and scientific and/or technical guidelines on current environmental subjects adapted to the client requirements:
    GEB-Environnement guarantees information based on scientific research and ensures useful links between the most recent scientific research and the technical client needs.

Software solutions for wastewater treatment processes optimisation

GEB-Environnement provides leading edge software solutions and services for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment processes design.
Its specialized tools and services deliver tangible benefits to private and institutional organizations engaged in wastewater treatment systems design and management.
In association with the Canadian company EnviroSim, GEB-Environnement offers several services:

1- Software Resale
As an exclusive and authorized reseller of EnviroSim’s products in the Maghreb Region (Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania, Tunisia), GEB-Environnement to this market BioWin and PetWin simulation software for use in the analysis and design of wastewater treatment plants.

More details:
EnviroSim’s products (English website)

Are you interested? It will be our pleasure to offer you a presentation on the functionality and capabilities of simulation software.

2- Consulting services
Using BioWin, GEB-Environnement performs optimization and/or design for its clients to provide model based solutions for their wastewater treatment problems.
A complete report and a comprehensible presentation of the results obtained by simulation will be given to the client.

3- Training
GEB-Environnement also offers a comprehensive range of training programs to its customers on EnviroSim’s simulation software.

Environmental impact study and characterization

Promotion of sustainable development to protect our resources is based on the recognition and understanding of the close linkages between human, economic and environmental activities.
In order to protecting natural resources and the environmental quality, GEB-Environnement suggests a variety of environmental studies and characterization services, which can be broadly summarized as follows:

  • Environmental evaluation: statistical analysis of environmental data, sampling, chemical and biochemical analysis;
  • Risk and impact studies;
  • Health risk analysis;
  • Technological risk analysis and emergency plans;
  • Environmental Monitoring;
  • Audits.

Environmental management of industrial companies

GEB-Environnement assists its clients to evaluate their environmental problems, to prepare strategies to solve them and implement actions for a sustainable development.

Indeed, working habits and management procedures of both employees and managers have a significant impact on environment quality. Thus, efforts aimed at reducing pollution must not only target industrial processes, but also existing work methods and management routines in the industry.

Hence, GEB-Environnement offers its expertise in the following areas:

  • Development of an environmental approach into the industrial company;
  • Establishing a systematic vision of a business and its operations;
  • Identification of discharge sources and their real causes;
  • Process analyses with a view to their optimization;
  • Industrial hygiene, health and safety;
  • Development of strategies for resolving environmental problems in keeping with the following hierarchical rationale:
    1. Prevention;
    2. Reduction at the source;
    3. Recycling, in all its forms;
    4. Change of technology;
    5. Treatment at the end of process, as a last resort, or development of appropriate technologies.

Training, awareness and communication in environment fields

GEB-Environnement is actively involved in the field of training with adapted programs in response to needs, which is offered to business establishments, ministries and teaching institutions.

GEB-Environnement ensures high-quality training, using the most up-to-date teaching tools such as electronic presentations, multimedia, etc.

Beyond the theoretical approach, GEB-Environnement favors the concrete approach of problems and the experiment transfer. Thus, GEB-Environnement guarantees training programs designed with serious and rigorous research based on proven scientific facts.

GEB-Environnement proposes adequate training programs, whether these be courses or seminars in the areas of pollution prevention, environment awareness and education, sanitation, industrial processes, renewable energies, sustainable development, regulation or in any other related fields.

Business courses
Training programs proposed to businesses are aimed at either managerial and administrative staff, or at workers and technical personnel.

Teaching institution courses
GEB-Environnement offers to teaching institutions – elementary and secondary schools, university level – various kinds of support service. These include the development of courses in collaboration with the teaching institution.

For elementary and secondary schools, GEB-Environnement proposes environment awareness and popularization services in order to communicate to children of all ages in a simplified way, by adapted teaching activities, various topics related to the field of environment and its good-management.

For universities, GEB-Environnement guarantees scientific and technical training programs detailed on environmental problems, for example:

  • Wastewater treatment plant design;
  • Laboratory sampling and analysis;
  • Environmental chemistry and toxicology;
  • Waste management;
  • Modeling (air, water, soil).

GEB-Environnement can use national and international experts in order to improve and supplement the offered training programs.

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