GEB-Environnement, design and engineering office specialized in council, projects management and environment and sustainable development training, guarantee to mobilize his resources in order to offer recognized high-quality services to clients.

GEB-Environnement services are offered to companies, communities, organizations and NGOs, which are pertained by environment issues on the national and international scene.

A multitude of services

GEB-Environnement offers services with a great technicality appropriate to the field realities and the country and guarantees a large range of environmental engineering services.

GEB-Environnement suggests his services in English, French and Arabic.

A multi-field and qualified team

GEB-Environnement guarantees the quality, which will satisfy client’s expectations by a rigorous, innovating and effective multi-field team.

Advanced technology devices

GEB-Environnement manages each project on a case-by-case basis, allowing adaptation of its services to technical and economic specificities of each client.

GEB-Environnement possesses all editing devices and techniques: color cartographies, digital photographs, reproduction, telematic transmission, reports in electronic or paper version.

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